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Bitrix24: Calculating customer revenue on the fly

Calculating customer revenue in super-CRM Bitrix24 is not a big problem. You may find a lot of reports telling you that number. But! What if you want to use that amount as a trigger for business processes? What if you want to have it as a field of the table of customers?
In this video, I will explain to you very quickly how easy you may do such tiny customization.

Order Bitrix24 here, please:
Business process "If the customer has paid more than some certain amount, set the task to call him. If the cumulate payment is less, then send him an up-selling letter": Download it here.
Webhook source code on GitHub.

The transcript of the video:

Bitrix24 has many reports, dashboards, and… some kind of analytics.
Look here…
And… Here… Isn't it beautiful?
But… What if I want to see customer revenue?
First of all, it's interesting.
Second, you may run business processes based on that knowledge.
Third, ABC analysis of customers or… Pareto analysis… What else?!!!!

Metrics you should be using to measure retention:
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Customer Retention Rate
Repeat Purchase Rate
Redemption Rate

Measuring loyalty:
Repurchase Ratio
Upselling Ratio
Customer Loyalty Index (CLI)
Customer engagement numbers.

We can show you how to connect your Bitrix24 to Google Sheets or even to Data Studio but will do it in another video.
Now… Let's ask ourselves: do we have customer revenue in Bitrix24? Maybe here [Company form]? No.
Or here? That is an ‘Invoice by company’ report. But this is a dynamic report. It shows you the number and doesn’t give you any freedom to use that number anywhere else! You literally can’t use it in any automation.
But! What if we do a custom field and... a tiny Webhook? Don’t be afraid! The devil is not as black as he is painted. Webhook is nothing to be scared of. I’ll definitely tell you about this powerful tool in a separate video!
Here it goes:
  1. Open Company form.
  2. Create a money field.
  3. Remember that number of your custom field.
  4. Create a webhook with the following algorithm:
  5. Has the invoice just been closed?
  6. Fetch invoices for that company for the current year.
  7. Updating company by the amount calculated.
That's it!
Now you may use this field in many cases. For instance:
Look at this business process:
  1. If the revenue of a particular company greater than a certain amount, 
  2. Set the task for your sales manager: call that customer after one week,
  3. If amount is less than minimum, send this customer some upselling letter!

As always, all scripts, reporting forms, and business processes you may find at the bottom of this video. Totally free!
If you want consulting or development regarding your Bitrix24, don't hesitate to tell me about it.
If you want to raise your own skills, stay tuned to my channel and press Like. Right now I have a media plan for 20+ videos.
See you there!

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