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Bitrix24: CRM, Projects and Tasks management, Corporate Social network plus 33 other business tools
Why Bitrix24?
It's Free!
Up to 12 users of CRM can start working from now for ever for free
Cloud Bitrix24 anybody can use right away and everywhere
The overall transparency of marketing and sales activities brings unprecedented productivity to your business
Bitrix24 works on any smartphone or tablet, everywhere. You can call to prospects, analyse your selling pipeline and speak with colleagues right in your smart device. So, mobile Bitrix24 is Android, iOS and:
Contacts and deals
All contacts, leads, deals on your palm
You'll not miss none of important tasks and project phases
Phone calls
Make and receive phone calls from web browser or smartphone app. Everything will be recorded into CRM Bitrix24
Invoices and proposals
Make/send commercial proposal, send invoice from mobile phone or tablet
Yes, sales forecasts and productivity of each employee – all these numbers are under your mobile control
Chats and bots
Communicate with colleague, teammates and chat-bots!
Your business under your total control
Discipline, sales forecasts fulfilment, each employee efficiency – all these Key Performance Indicators you'll be able to monitor every second
Customer Relationship Management
  • Leads, prospects, contacts management
  • E-mail marketing
  • Sales automations by triggers and robots
  • Sales team management
  • Deals and Invoices
  • Multiple pipeline
  • Cloud IP-telephony
  • Phone calls recordings
  • Mobile application
Distanced learning
Online trainings, certifications, quizes etc. You can create as much online tests as you want. History of tests passed. Flexible reporting. Disclaimer: available only in on-premise version.
Tasks and Projects management
  • Unlimited tasks and sub-tasks grouped by departments or projects
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Daily planning and control
  • Task templates
  • Check-lists
  • Time tracking
  • Gantt Chart
  • Project Office
Corporate portal
Social network for employees and partners
  • Company pulse
  • Intranet portal
  • Activity stream
  • Polls, likes and comments
  • Working groups
  • Extranet users
  • Announcements
  • Possibility to collaborate with not-registered users
Human Capital Management
Company structure
Employee directory
Absence reports
Personal profiles
Time tracking
Easy hire/fire actions
Employee onboarding processes
eMail server
Unlimited emails
Antivirus built-in
Antispam built-in
Mail boxes management
Own domain name
Integration with Outlook, Exchang and Gmail
Cloud Telephony
WebRTC calls from browser
Incoming and outgoing calls to/from any phone number of any country
Built-in numbers available for rent
All conversations are recorded
50+ countries to rent local numbers
Integration with your own Cloud Telephony
Chat and video conferencing
Online communications
Group chats
Audio/video calls
Integrated Open omni-Channels: Telegram, Viber, Facebook messenger, VK
Personal and company docs
Automated approvals
Version history
Online editing
Working via MS-Office or Google Docs
Quick search through all documents
Workgroup calendars
Events planner
CalDAV integration
Favorite calendars
Vacations graph
Meetings and briefings
6 more reasons why to choose Bitrix24:
You can setup automated support for your customers with ticketing and Open omni-Channels
Knowledge base
Buit-in Wiki engine for your knowledge and best practises
Place your web-form on your website and pick all leads directely into CRM
Thousands of partner apps to enrich your portal by extra functionality and integrate with Evernote, Slack, Trello etc.
Automated business processes and document flows
Customized Interface
Every form you may edit and adapt to your needs
Mobile app Bitrix24
Project management, Invoicing, Deals management, business chatting –everything possible via Bitrix24 app

SLINKOV.Capital is business-partner of Bitrix24
Soloten helped us choose Bitrix24 among dozens of other CRM systems available on Spanish market. Moreover, they've added industry solution into it. Finally, we started CRM with familiar real estate functionality. Everything has been done in less then two weeks.
Sergey Burakov, AltAdicion, Barcelona
Our group of companies builds and sells real estate in the Mediteranean coast of Spain. That is why it was a focal point of importance - to have a tool, which allows to control all our business-processes. Thanks to Soloten's professionals, we could automate our sales operations and document flow processes.
Peter Tarlev, Barcelona
Cloud business automation solution with CRM, Project management and 33 other tool. Hundreds of integrations, billions of satisfied users.
IMPORTANT: prices bellow are only for cloud version. For hosted version please, contact us to discuss.
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For ever!
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