We support your website made on Webflow, Wized, Tilda Publishing, and HTML/CSS/JS. For the flat monthly fee you'll get unlimited developments, texts, designs, and DevOps.
Who to order the support of the website? To a freelancer? To a studio? To some web-developer in staff? You don't need a bad one, and a good one will outgrow your organization very quickly. In any case, your own developer - it's more expensive than paying us. Several times over!
Why overpay if you can give your website design and technical service to an experienced and reliable comppany?!

Why us


Flat monthly price. Cancel or pause at any time. 100% money back guaranty during the first week.
We can support big IT-systems. We create websites, e-commerces, brands, presentations and video 10+ years.
Customers trust us their design, unique selling propositions, UX/UI, and personas development. b2b and b2b2c.
Website support can include promotion, content marketing, SEO, and copywriting.
We are professionally supporting websites on Webflow, Tilda Publishing, HTML/CSS/JS.
Shopify and WordPress are due to discussion.
The reaction (and in most cases fulfilment) to your requests is less then 48h! We support scaling and integrations.

How does it work


Requirement definition
You make an appointment in online calendar. During the meeting, we discuss all the targets, all necessary works and аll your ideas.
Upfront payment for the first month of supprot. Advanced payments for three or six months are due to heavy discounting.
You make your requests in any convinient way, even by the phone call. Then your request is documented in your customer portal.
We are starting to process your request during the first few hours of its placement. We constantly keep you informed about any progress and result. The amount of requests and fixes unlimited!

Customer cases


Branding projects, videos, presentations, websites, and integrated marketing services

Customers speaking


Igor Lokshin
Founder of Xtra-Data
"When we finished the development of the system of dynamic asset value modeling on the horizon of their entire life cycle and were preparing to bring it to the market, we had no idea about the graphic and color design of this pure software solution. Thus we turned to Dmitry Slinkov, the founder of SLINKOV.Design, for advice.
How is Dmitry Slinkov's team different from others offering similar services on the market? Look at the background of Dmitry himself, which includes his own experience in creating successful businesses and introducing various products/services to the market that require an understanding of the industry specifics of many industries.
That is why once we've applied to SLINKOV.Design there was no necessity to explain the subject matter of our business, the functional content of the product, the target audience, etc.
In the process of working with Dmitry's team, we required minimal additional approvals, and the result fully met our most optimistic expectations."
SkyDoc team
"We would like to thank our colleagues from SLINKOV.Design for their work. We ordered the development of a brandbook, including a logo and a slogan for the electronic document management service SkyDoc, as well as the adaptation of the existing website for the new brandbook. The work was done on time, with a minimum of edits, and all our wishes and requirements were taken into account."
Igor Shirokov
Founder of Everynet
"We are an operator of the Internet of Things; we work in the dynamic high-tech market. SLINKOV.Design handles our marketing and PR tasks as if it were our own department: websites, news, articles, media interaction, and the like. And it's all in Russian and English."
Sergey Burakov
Founder of AltAdicion
"Real guys with real solutions. One of my clients needed to launch a new business very urgently. SLINKOV.Design's team quickly made all the necessary marketing materials, several presentations and webpages. As a result, my client started getting their first leads in the first month."
Ruslan Sapulayev
Founder of Unicom Mobile Ltd
"We worked well together with the SLINKOV.Design team. They helped our business practically start from scratch."
Valeriy Nosov
Superwave Group
"The SLINKOV.Design team has a very professional and creative approach to their work. I am glad to be able to read the latest news and research from Dmitry Slinkov. Usually there is always not enough time or my own qualification to select the key and, most importantly, working things. Already impossible, without a Telegram newsletter as without morning coffee ... Dmitry, success to you and your guys!"
Alexander Stulin
Chief Commercial Officer Retail Services
"Working with team is like reading the book. The book about yourself Everything is good! Especially when they are practicing life interview!"

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Website fixes
Website developments
SEO & content
UX & customer experience
Product management
Strategic marketing
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