What customer wanted


everynet is a global operator of a low range wide area networking telecommunications. Their tiny devices can stay connected for tens of kilometers in hardly reachable places where traditional cellular is out of signal.
everynet easily enables Fourth Industrial Revolution in healthcare, agriculture, transportation, smart city, utilities, and many other industries.
We have been called by everynet to create an e-commerce website for them in a very tide terms. There were just two months before the Mobile World Congress could start in Barcelona.

Project targets


The scope of the project was strict and tough:
1. e-commerce user journeys development
2. web design
3. shooting, designing, and systemizing the inventory
4. website development
5. production run on the largest telecom event in the world.
Electronic shopping was not the main purpose of the website. everynet provides connectivity: cellular signal and the core software. Once you've decided to build your own case based on LoRaWAN, you simply need devices. Building that website, everynet made a one-stop approach possible. Every individual, startup, or corporation can launch, from now on, its own IoT network at any time!

The web-design itself


The visitor of a new website meets the following challenges:
1. understand what LoRaWAN is
2. be inspired by existent solutions in that field
3. decide what set of equipment matches his / her expectations
4. buy several devices to begin a pilot project right away.
So, we've been faced with the task to make a solution configurator. At least, it was interesting to realize that via collections!

What customer said


  • Igor Shirokov
    everynet founder
    "We are an operator of the Internet of Things; we work in the dynamic high-tech market. SLINKOV.Design handled our marketing and PR tasks as if it were our own department: websites, news, articles, media relations, and the like. And all this in Russian and English."